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Communicators Can’t Get Tripped Up by Twitter Chat

When your company opens up a public Twitter Q&A, first ask if it’s really a good idea, and then insure your communicators are ready to field any questions or comments — especially the negative comments that may be hurled in from left field. | MORE »

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4 Tips to Measure the Success of Your Content Strategy

Establishing built-in metrics to measure the performance of a content strategy is key to its success.  | MORE »

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McDonald’s Makes Point of Repairing Its Service Issues in Public

The solution McDonald’s crafted to its customer service problem is a great example of effective communications. | MORE »

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PR News to Celebrate PR People Award Winners and Honorable Mentions at National Press Club

PR News will honor the stars of PR at its PR People Awards luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 10. | MORE »

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A Message to Ford Motor Co.: Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

By commenting on the mayor, the company is essentially fostering a connection between itself and the scandal. | MORE »

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What Makes a Story Go Viral

This is what it takes to create the story that goes viral on social media.  | MORE »

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Adventures in Media Relations: What Not to Say (Or Do) to a Journalist

“Did you get my email?” For most reporters, the message is the auditory equivalent of long nails scraping across a blackboard. It’s one of several media pitching tactics that PR pros tend to rely on. And it’s wrong, not to mention alienating.
 | MORE »

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Microsoft’s New Employee-Relations Initiative: Dump ‘Stack Ranking’

How management reviews and assesses the performance of its employees can have a major impact on morale within a company, the image it projects to the public, and its brand value. | MORE »

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What’s Your CEO’s Media Relations Persona?

Chip Wilson, founder of yoga apparel and accessories company, Lululemon found himself in an unfortunate situation after being ill prepared for a Bloomberg TV interview. In case you missed it, the company had to recall its yoga pants after it became quite obvious that its signature product was severely flawed. | MORE »

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How to Organize and Execute a Successful Media Trip

One of the most significant effects of the digital age has been an explosion in live events and conferences. As we spend more and more time behind a keyboard we pine to get out into the field to press the flesh. It’s a similar drill for media relations, as brands organize press trips to give media reps a look-see at new products and services | MORE »

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