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PR Insider: The Changing Relationship Between Celebrities and Brands

Celebrities pushing products in the media is not new. What is new is the way celebrity partnerships are taking shape.  | MORE »

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PR Insider: Becoming What You Will Be, and Other New Years’ PR thoughts

It’s year-end and time to think about what will make this next chapter different than the last. Growth goes hand in hand with evolution, and standing still is rarely an option. | MORE »

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PR Insider: Five Ways to Lose a Client…and Win Them Back

Clients come and go, but properly analyzing a loss can lead to reassessment, adjustment and more business. | MORE »

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PR Insider: It’s the Quality, Not the Quantity, of Publicity That’s Important

Companies that one time used their agencies to disseminate earnings reports now frequently post them on their Web sites.  | MORE »

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PR Insider: 5 Most Effective Techniques for Blogger Outreach

Bloggers are in the top 5 sources of reliable information, 81% of the online population trusts bloggers and 61% of the population has made a purchase based on a blogger recommendation.

 | MORE »

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PR Insider: Be A Change Agent, Not Just a PR Agent

Here are two examples of how I leveraged my skills and experiences as a public relations professional to successfully influence public policy—all without getting paid a dime for my time or worrying about which clients may be offended by my stand. | MORE »

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PR Insider: Executing The Largest Event Boston Has Ever Seen

How does one prepare for an inaugural event of nine days filled with free music, arts and culinary activities in the city within your first week of work? To ready ourselves, we had to think Outside The Box—literally. | MORE »

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PR Insider: PR is Dead. Actually, Long Live PR!

The most impactful campaigns will be run by teams that embrace multiple channels and keep the emphasis on smart content; those that sacrifice one in favor of the other will miss opportunities and weaken client brands over the long term. | MORE »



PR Insider: The Executive Apology, Avoid Making It Worse Once You’ve Already Screwed Up

All corporate executives have one thing in common; at some point, they or their company will screw up. | MORE »

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PR Insider: How Should Google Communicate an SEO ‘No-No’ for Press Release Distribution?

In late July, news broke about Google’s “Link Schemes” updates in Webmaster Tools to devalue links in the anchor text of press releases distributed via paid services. Most PR or SEO practitioners who have distributed online press releases in the last 10 years should be familiar with the function. | MORE »