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Pitching Stories to Overworked Journalists

Gaining media attention is a daunting task, and it isn’t going to get any easier in 2014. But these story pitching techniques that will increase your odds.  | MORE »

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PR Insider: Becoming What You Will Be, and Other New Years’ PR thoughts

It’s year-end and time to think about what will make this next chapter different than the last. Growth goes hand in hand with evolution, and standing still is rarely an option. | MORE »

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How to Keep Your Press Releases Out of the Spam Folder

What happens if spam filters catch your press release? The answer is simple: nothing. | MORE »

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‘Authenticity’ is a False Premise If Words Fail to Match Your Actions

Authenticity is all the rage these days. According to the social media gurus, you have to be authentic if you want to have followers and likes. The crisis communications experts will tell you that authenticity is key to recovery in a crisis. But there are times when authenticity just doesn’t work. | MORE »

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Lessons for Communicators from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s words have inspired millions. Here are some quotes that resonate with PR communicators. | MORE »

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PR Points to Remember When Reaching out to Millennials

Millennials are a much sought-after demo by communicators, but they’re not an easy bunch to nail down. In 2008 and 2012, the Obama presidential campaign wisely targeted Millennials (born between the early 1980s and the … | MORE »

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5 Tips to Get Your Brand’s Message in Front of Consumers on Cyber (Every)day

Use key SEO tips to get your brand to the front of the pack on the biggest online shopping day of the year.  | MORE »

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Communication Strategies in Response to Wage Strikes at McDonald’s and Wendy’s

Organizers of a movement demanding a $15-an-hour wage for fast-food workers say they will sponsor one-day strikes in 100 cities on Thursday. It’s debatable whether wage strikes have a negative impact on the bottom line. But PR pros certainly need a strategy in place to respond to such protests and potential crises.
 | MORE »

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How to Avoid Mistakes in Crafting Press Releases

Preventing common mistakes in writing press releases will increase the likelihood that they will be read by journalists. | MORE »

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3 Quick Tips to Better Press Releases

As a communications professional you have one primary goal—communicating your message. | MORE »

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