Media Relations

Hurry-Up Offense Propels Rollout of Jockey/Tebow Sponsorship Deal

August 9th, 2010 by

PR News tracks the media relations efforts that moved the Tim Tebow/Jockey International sponsorship deal story from beginning to end.

Traditional Media Relations Tactics Still Apply on the Social Web

August 2nd, 2010 by

The single most common mistake that PR practioners make in media relations efforts is failing to research the audience of the media outlet they are trying to pitch.

PR Time Machine: How Would You Media Train Don Draper?

July 30th, 2010 by

Media training guru Andy Gilman reveals how he would prepare Mad Men’s Draper for his next interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Case Study: FEMA’s Flood Insurance Program Awareness Campaign Keeps Agents Connected and Customers Covered

July 26th, 2010 by

To counter the public’s belief that flood insurance was largely unneccessary, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Ogilvy PR created the FloodSmart campaign, designed to communicate flood risk and insurance options.

Case Study: PR Outreach Helps Drive Utility Company’s Ambitious Energy Reduction Campaign—With Electrifying Results

July 19th, 2010 by

To promote the use of CFL bulbs among its customers, Puget Sound Energy engineered a fully integrated marketing/communications campaign the rocked the northwest–not bad for conservative utility outfit.

Low CEO Visibility: Is PR at Fault?

July 19th, 2010 by

While conventional wisdom tells PR executives to get their top management out in front of the media to build reputation and trust, data compiled by PRIME Research for PR News shows that compared to other PR disciplines “management” coverage by top media outlets is severely lacking.

Pause Before You Publish: Lessons From Dan Gilbert’s ‘LeBron Letter’

July 15th, 2010 by

From a PR perspective, Dan Gilbert’s letter to fans in response to LeBron’s departure could have been constructed differently—to reenforce the positive.

Message Control: Changing the PR-Journalist Dynamic

July 12th, 2010 by

Gone are the days of formality. Now, the relationship between reporter and corporation requires frequency and transparency.

Case Study: Baby Giraffe and PR Help Solve Zoo Budget Impasse While Curbing Outcry Over Threat of Animal Sacrifices

June 28th, 2010 by

Unfortunate comments by Zoo New England’s CEO over zoo budget cuts by the state created a nationwide stir that required quick action by PR agency Rasky Baerlein.

Hoax Releases Hit Newswire Services

June 23rd, 2010 by

Two phony press releases hit PR Newswire and Business Wire, causing a change in release submission policy.