It’s a (Third) Party for Pinterest

March 19th, 2012 by

Invitation-only site Pinerly promises to help Pinterest users with a dashboard for scheduling pins and viewing statistics.

24 PR Certainties for This Year—and Next Year

March 18th, 2012 by

You can probably take these predictions from PR agency veteran Arthur Solomon to Vegas and bet the farm on them.

Obama’s Extended Campaign Messaging Hits YouTube

March 16th, 2012 by

The Obama campaign’s new documentary on its YouTube channel includes a donation option, but will viewers watch all 17 minutes?

Decisive Move to Cancel ‘Luck’ a Long-Term Win for HBO

March 15th, 2012 by

We all knew that HBO was a smart cable programmer—it turns out that it’s smart when it comes to making calls that affect its reputation as well.

PR News Announces Winners of 2012 Nonprofit PR Awards

March 15th, 2012 by

Excellence in nonprofit communications was celebrated at a luncheon event at Washington, D.C.’s National Press Club on March 15.

5 Tips for Communicating and Sharing Values for Strategic PR

March 15th, 2012 by

Want to gain a competitive advantage over other firms or brands? Clearly communicate your organization’s core values, says Dr. J. Petrausch.

Focus Your PR Measurement Strategy on What You Can Influence

March 15th, 2012 by

Measurement objectives for media relations pros should not emphasize factors that are out of their control, says Evan Welsh, SAP’s director of global media relations.

March Madness Social Media Rankings: Kansas Outshines Duke

March 15th, 2012 by

Schwartz MSL’s 2012 social media power rankings show which schools have built strong followings for their teams on social media.

2012 Nonprofit PR Awards: Internal Publication

March 15th, 2012 by

Winner: Robert R. McCormick Foundation — LINK: McCormick Foundation Employee Multimedia E-Magazine After welcoming a new CEO in 2009, the Foundation has been proactive in pursuing a stronger leadership role in order to affect positive change in… Continued

2012 Nonprofit PR Awards: Volunteer Program

March 15th, 2012 by

Winner: Barefoot Wine, Surfrider Foundation and Hunter Public Relations — Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project In summer 2011, Hunter PR, working with Surfrider Foundation, hosted four large-scale events and 17 smaller-scale events in which volunteers cleaned… Continued