Case Studies

Case Study No. 2951 – Dreamworks Interactive

June 9th, 1997 by

Firm Uses Winning Combination of Guerrilla and Traditional PR It looked like an easy pitch: the CD-ROM product to be promoted was created by well-known game developer Doug TenNapel and published by DreamWorks Interactive. But… Continued

Case Study No. 112 – Hometown Health Network: State Legislation Triggers New Target For Workers’ Comp Program

May 29th, 1997 by

When an eagerly anticipated managed care bill is passed, industry marketers have to be well-positioned to shift from first to fifth gear at a moment’s notice. That’s exactly what Hometown Health Network, a Masillon, Ohio-based… Continued

Case Study No 2950 – Satellite Media Tour: Broadcast PR Firm Attracts Coverage With Finely Tuned Campaign

May 26th, 1997 by

Your client has a really big story to tell – it’s 2.2 million acres wide, to be exact – and the CEO wants to tell the story to a couple million people. Trouble is, he… Continued

Case Study No. 111 – Danbury Hospital: Robots Deliver Fun To Hospital (And They Never Call in Sick)

May 15th, 1997 by

Roscoe and Rosie don’t have time for coffee breaks, a lunch hour or idol conversation. You couldn’t find two more faithful employees. There’s no such thing as working overtime when your typical work day is… Continued

Case Study No. 2948: McGraw-Hill Uses Media to Attack Prior Restraint Decision

May 12th, 1997 by

Just as The McGraw-Hill Companies [MHP], based in Manhattan, was crafting a new corporate image — that it was more than just a standard ink-on-paper informations company — it was confronted with a rare politically-charged… Continued

Case Study No. 110: Baystate Health Systems

May 1st, 1997 by

Communications Strategy Reaches Spectrum of Employees Baystate Health Systems, Inc. had just devised a markedly different way for employees to report and keep track of their sick and vacation days, and needed to communicate the… Continued


September 23rd, 1996 by

PR Helps Distressed Company Find Buyer Not all companies can make it on their own, and when they can’t, there’s always someone else who may be willing to give it the old college try. This… Continued


September 16th, 1996 by

Tie-in With Bike Tour Grows Melon Demand Anyone selling or buying cantaloupe knows that time is of the essence. If the cantaloupe is not sweet-smelling and a little bit soft on the rind, then it’s… Continued


September 9th, 1996 by

19960909 CASE STUDY NO. 2915: MARKETING PR September 9, 1996 CASE STUDY NO. 2915: MARKETING PR September 9, 1996 Burger King Tie-in Spurs Publicity, Sales Fast-food restaurants always are on the lookout for promotions that… Continued


September 2nd, 1996 by

19960902 CASE STUDY NO. 2914: CYBER PR: September 2, 1996 CASE STUDY NO. 2914: CYBER PR: September 2, 1996 It should come as no surprise that an online service called WOW! would be marketed with… Continued