Case Studies

Case Study : For One Pharmaceutical Group, a PSA Serves Up a Dose of Reality

August 7th, 2006 by

Company: Purdue Pharma Agency: Fenn Communications Group/The McGinn Group Timeframe: Six months Budget: $2.5 million Potent prescription pain medications have seen their fair share of publicity in recent years, with personalities as large as Rush… Continued

Case Study : Let’s Go to the Video…and Score Online PR Success!

April 17th, 2006 by

Companies: Grecco Gear; Denver Public Library Timeframes: 2003 to present; March 2006 Video content has enhanced many PR campaigns, either through the traditional use of VNRs or b-roll footage or in special promotional tapes sent… Continued


July 22nd, 1999 by

‘Real-Life’ Campaign Brands System As Top Regional Choice The concept of using "real-life" patient stories in marketing campaigns may not be a novel approach in the healthcare industry but for the last two years the… Continued

Case Study

May 10th, 1999 by

Sticks and Stones May Break Bones, but Names May Drive Up Sales When Moral Majority Founder Jerry Falwell labeled Tinky Winky gay, the charge set off a media frenzy and a strong response from The… Continued

Case Study

April 19th, 1999 by

In Florida, Tackling Teen Tobacco Use With the Truth If you heard that the "Truth Train" was coming through your town, chances are you might guess it had more to do with evangelism than with… Continued

Case Study

April 12th, 1999 by

IRS Designs Web Site to Fashion a Less Taxing Image The strange thing is you actually believe Michael C. Moore when he tells you his job with the Internal Revenue Service is fun. Moore, a… Continued

Case Study

December 21st, 1998 by

Nuclear Plant Gets Drilled on Crisis Management If a nuclear disaster strikes, the South Texas Project (STP) – the country’s second largest nuclear plant – proved it can disseminate timely, accurate news within an hour,… Continued

Case Study

November 30th, 1998 by

Pro Bono PSA Puts New Spin on Teen Pregnancy Prevention When a California-based communications agency specializing in highly technical industries temporarily stepped away from its usual clientele to enter the realm of teen pregnancy and… Continued

Case Study

October 26th, 1998 by

Nelson Doesn’t Just Blow Smoke in Clean Air Campaign Federal laws may start in Washington but they don’t often stop there. Beginning several years ago, the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District (APDC) decided… Continued

Case Study

August 17th, 1998 by

Video Motivates Employees to Share Ideas with Management Getting 7,000 employees to believe that their ideas would be valued by mid- and upper-management was Kaiser Permanente’s internal communications charge last year. Instead of using common… Continued