Bio is Booming … But is Transparency a Bust?

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology may be among the few areas
that have been booming over the past year, but the companies in
this sector may not be doing as much as they should to avoid risk.
According to a new survey from APCO Worldwide, the majority of
corporations in the pharma and biotech industries are not using
their Web sites to adequately reflect today's enhanced financial
transparency. Many sites were lacking when it came to listing
CEO/CFO Sarbanes-Oxley certifications, describing corporate
governance committees and charters, and making the sites and the
material provided in them easily accessible. The good news:
Companies are coming through on links to SEC filings, advisory
information for investors and earnings releases and contact
information for investors, all keys since online financial research
has become a norm among individual investors, say APCO officials.
(Mark Story, 202/778-1482)