Better PR Plans Needed to Harness The Power of the Web

As part of our special coverage on interactive PR, we asked several PR executives to provide their takes on where the pendulum is swinging on Web communications. Being an
infinite (and active) medium, the Internet offers a world of possibilities for companies and their agencies to craft their PR plans in tailored fashions. Then again, (cyber) space
can be a black hole that can suck the life out of your message if it's not carefully targeted to the company's various stakeholders and, just as important, the media. "The Web can
be your best friend or your worst enemy," says Jason Teitler, executive VP/global interactive practice leader at Porter Novelli. (See story below). Following are contributions -
- including real-world examples -- on how PR can drive more people to your products and services via the Web rather than driving them away from your brand entirely - an extremely
fine line, online.