Bentonville Or Bust…

As goes Wal-Mart, so goes the rest of corporate America,
so it may be a model for those companies grappling with how to
improve media relations. Here's the latest: an invitation from
Wal-Mart to national and regional retail reporters to attend a
two-day meeting (April 5-6) at the company's Bentonville, Ark.,
headquarters. It's the first time ever that the retail giant has
invited journalists to its home base to meet with the company's top
brass, including CEO Lee Scott, CFO Tom Schoewe and president of
Wal-Mart Stores Mike Duke. The powwow is part of Wal-Mart's "Set
the Record Straight' campaign that kicked off in January (featuring
ads in more than 100 newspapers touting the company's wages,
employee benefits, economic impact and charitable