Being Green is Important to Consumers, says New Study

According to a study that focused on bloggers, which was recently conducted by Nielsen Online, protecting the environment has become increasingly important to consumers, with online buzz around sustainability growing 50 percent in 2007. While early in the year discussion was dominated by the topic of global warming, the findings concluded that bloggers have addressed a wide variety of green-related issues, with a particular emphasis on personal action such as recycling, avoiding excess packaging, and carpooling. 

Other interesting findings in the study were as follows:
Top 10 Sustainability Topics for 2007
Topic Buzz Trend:
Increasing or Declining
Global Warming/Climate Change -
Renewable Energy/Alternative Fuels +
Resource Conservation +
Recycle/Reuse +
Carbon Emissions -
Pollution +
Organics -
Toxins +
Packaging/Plastic +
Transportation (hybrids, carpooling) +

Source: Nielsen Online, BuzzMetrics
Note: Topics are ranked by number of messages among sustainability bloggers from 1/1/07 to 12/31/07, with the Buzz trend reflecting change from 1/1/07 to 12/31/07.

Discovery Channel's TreeHugger led the top sustainability blogs for 2007

Not only are consumers looking for practical steps they can take to reduce personal  environmental impact, but they are also holding corporations accountable for  action and results, says the report. Bloggers are quick to condemn "greenwashing," when they  suspect companies misrepresent their environmental impact with aggressive PR  campaigns.

Top 5 Greenwashing Topics
Greenwashing Topic Percent of Discussion
Contradictory Actions 25%
Incongruous with Company/Industry 21%
False/Misleading Comments 19%
Seek Regulated Oversight 18%
General Suspicion 17%

Source: Nielsen Online, BuzzMetrics