B2B PR Price Points: Roadmap to Communicating an Increase

Any price increase in any realm has potential to upset customers and turn off potential ones. However, in B2B the stakes are often higher, as the loss of just a few key customers for a B2B can have a devastating effect on the organization. That’s why proper pricing communications at a B2B is critical. Here Rodger Roeser, president of The Eisen Group, offers a B2B pricing communications roadmap:

  1. The Letter: This comes directly from the highest relevant official to that client relationship, explaining why they are valued and detailing why the price increase. For example, “We’re making a significant addition to new technology in order to serve our clients even better.”

  2. The Follow-Up Call: The direct customer representative should make contact directly to go over the price adjustments, share any thoughts they may have and showcase specifically how this will assist in creating a more mutually beneficial relationship.

  3. The Video: Another touch point opportunity to showcase “sincerity” and create/solidify the relationship because it is “right from the horse’s mouth,” which also mitigates others from creating a negative spin on the increase.

  4. The Savings: Communicate areas where you customers can save a few dollars. Examples: a 2% invoice deduction if the invoice is paid in full within 10 days of receipt; or a customer referral program in which customers can make money by bringing in new business. 

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