2015 Rising PR Stars: Shannon Toher, Communications and Digital Strategist, The Yu Crew, LLC

Shannon Toher is not a rising star - she IS a star whose distinguished young career has helped local, national and global communities. Ask the director of the Children’s National race in DC, which raised more than $1 million, or the chairman of a global blood clot awareness campaign that reached 163 million in two months. You will hear resounding respect for Shannon Toher.

Giving back is in her DNA. Toher has touched many, from providing key content to a prestigious international journal on Alzheimers to driving conversation that made inaugural World Thrombosis Day a trending topic in social media. She has helped the nursing profession on the front lines of health care, and volunteered social media to a brain cancer fundraiser attracting record participation.

Toher recently won the coveted Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Silver Anvil and Award for Excellence for helping to manage World Thrombosis Day, a global initiative involving hundreds of health professional and patient advocacy groups mobilizing around blood clot education through research, stakeholder outreach, corporate partnerships, earned and social media and evaluation in every continent.

From strategy and research to earned and social media to partnerships and coalition building, special event to website navigation and evaluation, and basic creative design to boot, Toher goes broad and deep in her communications counseling and subject matter expertise. She develops strategy and execution, directing a team of account managers senior to her position, digital and creative design teams, infographic illustrators, interns, writers, and media strategists.

She also conducted an observance day TwitterChat which became a trending topic due to the virtual dialogue and interest in blood clots. The results were significant at 10.2 million impressions and more than 250 contributors.