2015 Rising PR Stars: Cristina Rue, Managing Associate, CLS Strategies

Cristina Rue is active across her firm's practices, providing valuable strategic counsel to Fortune 500 companies, plaintiffs in high-stakes litigation, foreign governments, and presidential campaigns.

Notably, she has helped raise awareness around the human rights situation in Iran. Working with NGOs and human rights promoters, Rue helped form and launch Impact Iran, an organization dedicated to fighting for greater human rights protections in Iran.

Through these campaigns, Rue helped ensure that the international community remained engaged in improving human rights in Iran and that the story of Iran’s broken human rights promises was injected into social media conversations and media coverage the world over. She placed dozens of op-eds and articles, which were strategically targeted at countries that were on the fence about whether to support human rights resolutions at the UN.

Rue has also provided media relations for the more than 4,400 former NFL players suing the league over concussions and head trauma. Although it was the largest sports-related lawsuit in history, when the lawsuit was first filed, the media viewed the litigation as a niche legal story of little concern to current players and fans of America’s most popular sport. As a result of the campaign, the case was covered in the nation’s most prominent outlets, including The New York Times, ESPN, NBC Nightly News and 60 Minutes. This successful media effort earned the team the 2014 PR Daily Media Relations Award: Grand Prize Media Relations Campaign of the Year (Over $100,000).