2015 Rising PR Stars: Mandy Robinson, Tremor Video, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

Tremor Video has undergone an enormous transformation in the past year, moving from an ad network to a premium video marketplace, and Mandy Robinson has played a big role in that shift.

The changes include a new platform for publishers, new executives and new technology advancements. Communicating to the press as well as external and internal audiences has been a huge and complicated effort.

But, through her dedication, brilliance, deep expertise and commitment to her company, Robinson has been a key player in developing and communicating this new positioning. Her industry expertise was critical in helping formulate and simplify Tremor’s message. She also leads all of Tremor’s speaking engagements, including trade shows, forums, conferences and other events across the globe.

Robinson is always looking to mine interesting stories in Tremor’s data. Working closely with Tremor’s research team, she pushes the group to think beyond just issuing press releases and find interesting ways to share the information with the media and across social.

She also carefully thinks through the right means of communication for each piece of news the company shares, both internally and externally. She utilizes a mix of traditional means such as press releases and open-letters, and more non-traditional tools such as blog posts and social media.