2015 Rising PR Stars (corporation and association): Molly Phillips, Corporate Communications Manager, Omni Hotels & Resorts

As a communications professional, Molly Phillips has had exposure to all parts of a business – marketing, operations, financials, revenue management, brand development and strategy. She has established a strong track record of successes in a demanding work environment, and one that can oftentimes be riddled with short deadlines, corporate crisis and unrealistic expectations from clients. Phillips has navigated all of this with aplomb, and is solution-oriented because of it.

Phillips has an incredible work ethic and is very driven. She has a healthy dose of competitiveness that gives her an edge and fuels her future-forward work approach. Phillips’ work experience in highly competitive and demanding markets has taught her to work very well under pressure, and she has a great ability to remain focused. She is a valued resource to corporate executives, who often come directly to her for assistance and counsel as it relates to communications needs.

As an example of her excellent work, Phillips has notably driven two Omni’s food and beverage initiatives in the last year, both resulting in great publicity for the brand and visibility for the brand’s food and beverage agenda. In one case, Phillips embraced a minimal budget, and a last-minute opportunity, enlisted Omni’s advertising agency, hopped on a plane and managed a team of 10 people to produce a compelling video and photo shoot that has continued to foster media coverage for the program.