2015 Rising PR Stars: Kyle Peterson, Partner, Clement | Peterson

Bret Clement hired Kyle Peterson to join his tech-focused PR agency, then Clement Communications, in 2010. In 2013, Peterson’s years of accomplishments and contributions warranted him becoming a partner in the firm, which was appropriately renamed Clement | Peterson.

As a partner, Peterson, who now runs the firm’s San Francisco office, has utilized his skills (including his digital advertising chops) to execute a new ad strategy responsible for more than 50% of the agency’s new business growth over the last two years.

At any given time, he personally manages six or seven client accounts, using that magnificent knack for rapport that has served him and the business so well over these years. He possesses stellar writing skills that make the difference in much of what his agency does, from perfectly worded pitches to acting as editor-in-chief for all content the firm produces on behalf of clients. He can both bear down and find time for humor and cheer when the going gets tough.

Peterson is a master of summoning new business and of client retention, with the lion’s share of agency clients today having been with them for a year or (in many cases) much longer. He’s a fantastic, shrewd, energetic, adept business partner and PR practitioner.