2015 Rising PR Stars: Chrissy Terrell Murray, Corporate Communications and PR Manager, Gannett Co. Inc.

Over the past three years, Chrissy Terrell Murray has played a critical role in elevating and shifting brand perception of USA TODAY during a major transformation.

Since she came aboard in 2012, Murray has dramatically increased national media presence for USA TODAY, the nation’s number one daily newspaper and a leader in the digital news space with nearly 6MM daily readers and a site that reaches nearly 50M unique visitors a month. She is a standout talent who has helped reimagine USA TODAY’s story, from an iconic newspaper to a leader in the digital media space. Her creative and bold PR efforts have proven to move the needle for USA TODAY’s reputation with the media, consumers and businesses.

Murray is an important liaison between the editorial and marketing, sales, product, and communications teams. Corporate leaders look to her to drive cross-department initiatives because she successfully bridges newsroom standards and corporate goals. With her high-energy, positive attitude, and big picture thinking, top reporters and executives seek Murray’s PR counsel and expertise.

She has proven to be an integral part of Gannett through her work with USA TODAY, and more recently through her work with corporate as the company recently underwent a major corporate split and launched as a “new” company this summer. In the wake of this major corporate restructure, Murray has worked tirelessly to communicate the direction of the new company to all relevant stakeholders and will play a crucial part in defining the broader corporate communications strategy while she continues leading PR/communications for USA TODAY.