2015 Rising PR Stars (corporation and association): Eliza Levy, Manager of Public Relations and Grassroots, National Council of Textile Organizations

Eliza Levy is the Manager of Public Relations and Grassroots for the National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO). NCTO is the most visible and respected trade organization in the United States for the domestic textile and apparel industry. With a small team, representing an entire industry, the Public Relations position at NCTO demands someone who is creative, fast thinking, and extremely dedicated.

Enter Levy, who joined NCTO two years ago, coming from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement at the Executive Office of the President, the White House. At the time, there was little to no attendance at press conferences, and the organization's foothold with both local and national media was weak.

Since she came aboard, Levy has built a credible and reputable Public Relations department at NCTO. Press conferences are now attended by national top-tier media outlets. The organization's position is now the focal point of many stories. Levy’s ease at building relationships with national and local press has resulted in substantial media coverage across print, digital, radio and television platforms.

Since joining NCTO Levy has managed two large scale multidimensional public relations campaigns, and a successful national grassroots initiative, garnering over 100,000 signatures in the form of a petition drive. She has conducted successful national press tours resulting in substantial media coverage. Additionally, she has built NCTO’s social media platforms, which have garnered over 4,100 likes and followers.