2015 Rising PR Stars: Kristen Labriola, Vice President, Marina Maher Communications LLC

Kristen Labriola’s career at MMC has flourished in a remarkably short time, with promotions every year since she joined MMC in 2012 as a senior account executive. This past August, she was named vice president. So what is it about her that has driven her meteoric rise in an agency with a rigorous 360º review process and clear guidelines on promotions?

“The work Kristen presents to the team and/or clients is always pristine and it’s apparent that a great deal of effort was involved,” says a direct report. “I admire her work and want to learn to incorporate her strengths into my own day-to-day work style.”

And in the new agency environment, where clients expect social and digital savvy and a constant flow of creativity from their agency, Labriola puts her creative and digital team front and center with clients. This has helped build client confidence with the agency’s capabilities and the type of loyalty that results in organic growth.

Her commitment to professionalism has resulted in a team that respects and admires her—as well as business growth. Labriola was integral in expanding MMC's Merck for Mothers work to include employee engagement. She worked on conceiving a “Mama Kit” with Merck employees for mothers in need in Uganda. Her successes include creating and shipping more than 2,188 postnatal kits – surpassing the total number created during the 2014 inauguration year.