2015 Rising PR Stars: Anna Haberlein, Communications Consultant, Arizona Public Service Co.

Anna Haberlein has spent 5 years making quick advances through the PR landscape in Washington, DC and Arizona. Her unique communications skillset has placed her at the intersection of politics and policy, contributing to her effectiveness as a communicator for Arizona Public Service (APS).

She sees the macro and micro and is strategic in her planning and implementation. Haberlein has found creative ways to position APS in the media: placing positive customer-focused stories, writing articles for strategic placement, and making inroads through digital platforms.

Haberlein hasn’t been in the utility industry for very long, yet she has succeeded in championing APS’s business goals, creating opportunities and channels for visibility and internal collaboration that previously did not exist. She has taken on the role of spokesperson with perceived ease, handling 24/7 media relations coverage, improving social media messaging, and driving up customer satisfaction and favorable media scores by her ability to pitch and place positive stories about the company.

While Haberlein could be seen as a “Jill-of-all-trades,” what truly sets her apart is her work ethic and determination. When she is tasked with a project, she will succeed. Haberlein always puts her organization’s end goal before herself, even if that means making significant sacrifices. Protecting the reputation of her employer is her primary goal.