2015 Rising PR Stars (corporation and association): Britta Gidican, Director of Public Relations, Trupanion

Britta Gidican is strategic, calculated, results-driven and consistently over delivers. She uses data to not only set a company’s PR strategy, but their entire content strategy. She defines what success looks like for all stakeholders, then blows them away with the results; and she works hard to educate business leaders that PR can deliver tangible results.

When Gidican joined Trupanion, the company had one goal for PR: to own a 40% share of voice among the pet insurance industry. They wanted Trupanion included in 40% of media stories about pet insurance. Historically, the company never achieved more than a 32% share of voice. Amazingly, in her first month, Gidican secured a 60% share of voice.

She also introduced results-driven PR to the company’s leadership team. She stressed the need to set and measure more qualitative metrics, not just story count. Gidican developed new success metrics that measured how well they’re achieving brand awareness and lead generation. She added awareness, lead generation and sales to her objectives sheet by digging into data and analyzing visitors coming to Trupanion’s site through earned, owned and paid media, and how many of them become a lead or enroll. Today earned and owned media account for at least 5% of Trupanion’s customer leads.