2015 Rising PR Stars: Christine Deakers, Senior Associate, Content Marketing, Eastwick Communications

As an alumnus of UC Berkeley, Christine Deakers centers her career on making storytelling intrinsic to a company's transformation or growth. As a member of Digital Brand Lab at Eastwick, she has set the agenda for Eastwick’s women in tech initiatives and develops content strategies for C-suite thought leadership programs. She’s passionate about integrated communications and working with her fellow team members to bring ideas to life, whether for enterprise software, mobile apps, or the industries latest “-as-a-service” solution.

Deakers believes vision strategy is essential for brands to thrive from seed funding, Series, IPOs, rebrands or earning long lasting legacies. With an expertise in B2B and accelerators, she loves working with early stage startups because, “it’s a state of tabula rasa; there’s so much potential for a brand to determine a company’s journey and serve its community,” she says.

As a content marketer with Eastwick’s Digital Brand Lab, Deakers believes collaboration is the key to any marketer’s success because integrated communications is rooted in working together with media, digital, research and design specialists. For her, this type of work inspires the strongest content in order to make a big impact for her clients.