2015 Rising PR Stars: Emma Beck, Account Executive, LEVICK

In her tenure at LEVICK, Emma Beck has proven herself to be a tremendous asset to the team. She has consistently exceeded expectations in her performance; has been extraordinary in her work on all accounts that she has served on, particularly the foreign government representations; and is detail-oriented, diligent and always has a positive outlook, which is often necessary in a rapidly changing environment.

Among her many talents, Beck is a gifted writer with an innate ability to comprehend and encapsulate complex issues in a digestible manner for a variety of audiences. Whether she is writing about foreign policy or offshore finance, she is able to convey core messages in a succinct and clear way. She also has a keen understanding of the media and has shown that she is able to pitch a diverse range of subject matter. Beck has also been able to work closely and adeptly with reporters on behalf of several clients.

Beck was part of the core team on the CITGO Blue campaign. In addition to her event responsibilities, she researched and drafted an article for the client that was published in the Civil Air Patrol Magazine; it was an impressive piece that captured the history of the company’s engagement with CAP.