2015 Rising PR Stars: Lauren Amaio, Global Strategy Group, Senior Associate

As one coworker has observed, Lauren Amaio is, “simply put, a star.” In just over two years at GSG, Amaio has become an indispensable member of the Public Affairs & Communications practice. Her professional demeanor, respectful interaction with clients, and hard-working nature make Amaio a go-to resource for members of her firm at the highest levels.

Amaio is a leader in GSG's office, particularly on social media. She helped develop GSG's first digital salons, where Amaio and the digital team presented best practices to current and potential clients. She also used her social media skills to help train new staff and clients in how to use new communications tools.

In July, she developed, managed, and executed a successful Twitter campaign to show support for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in New York City among area residents to elected officials, community boards, and the press. The event was scheduled to coincide with the evening rush hour in Queens, New York and featured photos of bus riders commuting home while calling for BRT. In addition to the #FixWoodhaven hashtag receiving 270 mentions, the Queens Courier also published a very positive article about the event.

Events like this – in addition to the reporter briefings, thought leadership, and proactive media outreach that Amaio executed – changed the narrative about BRT in the local media. As time passed, the media narrative transformed from negative to more positive coverage that showcased the supportive, local voices who supported BRT.