2012 Rising Stars of PR: Jeamy Molina

Jeamy Molina

Communications Support Coordinator, Oncor Electric Delivery

Jeamy Molina joined the communications team at Oncor in 2007, handling all internal and external communications needs for a company that powers the lives of 7 million people spread across one-third of the state of Texas.

Molina wears many hats—and sometimes hard hats—to address the varied communications needs. She is frequently called upon to act as a company spokesperson in critical and sensitive matters. This includes on-camera recorded and live TV interviews, and radio, online and newspaper interviews. She has handled media relations and served as spokesperson during every major power outage event since joining the company, including the rolling outages during Super Bowl XLV in Dallas and two weeks living in East Texas at crisis centers following Hurricane Ike, handling local, state, and national media inquiries from the field.

Molina also launched Oncor's first blog—a major milestone in a heavily regulated industry that historically discourage unstructured, public conversation due to discoverability and legal concerns. 

App she can’t live without:
“ESPN. I’m a huge sports fan and the app keeps me up to date on all my favorite teams and any sports news. Also, the Watch ESPN app is awesome on an iPad.”

Inspiration in her PR career:
“My family inspires me. I’m the oldest of four and I’ve always tried to do things that will motivate my siblings to do well and just be a good example for them.”

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