2010 PR People Awards: Social Media Leader

Christopher Barger

Director, Global Social Media, GM

A key reason Christopher Barger has been so successful in his role is that he understands that “community” isn’t only online. While blogging and social networks are a large part of his role, he also invites influential bloggers and Gowalla users to GM-sponsored events like SXSW 2010, where they were offered special on-site perks, including rides in new Chevrolet models. Barger can also leverage social channels in times of crisis.

When faced with GM’s Chapter 11 filing in summer 2009, Barger oversaw the creation of a beefed-up social media team using multiple social networks—including live tweets from every interview and press conference. —JC

Honorable Mentions:

Danielle Brigida, Digital Marketing Manager, National Wildlife Federation

Brigida used empowering campaigns like “Tweet for Endangered Species” to keep the NWF in the public eye.

Shauna Causey, PR Manager, Comcast

Causey’s grassroots social media advocacy inspired Comcast to launch an open-source New Media Exchange.

Doug Wernert, Senior Account Executive, Weber Shandwick Detroit

Wernert maintains the ChevyVolt Twitter handle (@ChevyVolt), which counts more than 5,000 followers. He engages the VoltAge and Chevy Volt Twitter communities by posing thought-provoking questions, sharing newsworthy information and responding to forum comments on a daily basis.

  • Joe M (AdrenalineJoe

    Congrats Chris, it’s a pleasure knowing you and Detroit is proud to have you here. Your work in Social Media and connecting our community is greatly appreciated.