2010 PR Hall of Fame: Scott Widmeyer

Scott Widmeyer, Chairman and CEO, Widmeyer Communications

Scott Widmeyer knows that meaningful social change doesn’t happen overnight. Rather than chasing the issues of the moment, Widmeyer has built his business working with clients who want to invest in the future by focusing on issues that must be championed over time, such as healthcare reform, economic security, racial equity and environmental protection. A powerful example of the merits of Widmeyer’s approach is his work over a 25-year period on education reform. His experience creating the initial platform for education reform while working with the iconic Al Shanker at the American Federation of Teachers led Widmeyer to found his own firm to help address the challenge. Since that time, on behalf of education reform advocates, Widmeyer Communications has put critical issues on the table, informed the debate and helped achieve important education results. He has since expanded the agency beyond its education base into vibrant practice areas including healthcare, environment, energy and climate. — SVC

Social cause he feels most connected to: "Throughout my career, I have dedicated my work to social justice with a major emphasis in education, equality and health.  I believe this motto sums it up:  'Little good is accomplished without controversy and no civic evil is overcome without publcity.'  When I was college newspaper editor in the 1970s, I adopted this motto from the Mississippi publisher, Hodding Carter.  And, it remains ever present in the work I do in the 21st century."