2010 PR Hall of Fame: Jay M. Jaffe

Jay M. Jaffe, President & CEO, Jaffe PR

Jay Jaffe is a visionary and a leader with a keen ability to identify industry trends before they even begin. His company, Jaffe PR, specializes in public relations and public reputation management for law firms—a niche that Jaffe began developing more than 30 years ago. Since then the agency has grown to over 30 employees, serving dozens of law firms nationwide, and supporting their media relations, branding, crisis and litigation PR and digital PR needs. One tactic that Jaffe PR has used to better define the public reputation of its clients is Web 2.0. “While it is a complicated transition, particularly for law firms, the future will be more successful for those who are early adopters,” says Jaffe. In that vein, Jaffe has also championed the agency as a completely virtual workplace. “Geography is no longer a hindrance,” he says. —SVC

Part of work he enjoys the most: "I am one of those very lucky people who loves what he does and always has. There are so many aspects of what I do every day that to just choose one is very difficult. But, because you are asking for just one, I would have to say that it's been the opportunity to work with the most talented colleagues who challenge and push me daily to stay focused, stay in touch, stay on top and stay young."