CSR Awards 2015: Employee Relations

Co-Winner: Humana — Rethink Paper

As a company, Humana recognizes the dynamic link between environmental and human health. By minimizing the company’s environmental impact, the company can help address global challenges and protect the long-term well being of associates, members and communities — while facilitating success for the business today and into the future. Humana sought to reduce waste and increase recycling behavior by providing associates with resources and helpful tips and launching a friendly competition between offices. As part of the campaign, each facility and department was encouraged to come up with unique ways to reduce paper usage.

However, reducing environmental impacts often requires behavior change. Some of Humana’s associates may not immediately recognize the connection between the core business and the environment, much less the role they can play in reducing the company’s overall environmental footprint. To bring these CSR efforts to life and initiate positive behavior changes, Humana decided to start with a simple, tangible resource that all of their associates touch on a daily basis: paper. In 2012, the ten locations that participated in Rethink Paper used 100 million sheets of paper, while in 2013 this number decreased to 83 million — a 17 percent decrease.

Winner: International Finance Corporation — The IFC Waste Challenge: Putting IFC's Footprint Commitment into Action 

International Finance Corporation is a member of the World Bank Group and the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in developing countries. IFC has more than 100 offices and nearly 4,000 staff spread across the globe. The IFC Waste Challenge was the first global campaign to reduce IFC’s global environmental footprint. The company invests in and advises on waste management projects, so it was important that IFC serve as a role model for their clients. Waste was very visible in their offices — especially in the form of paper — and was one of the few areas where all IFC offices and staff could act to improve IFC’s footprint.

The Waste Challenge encouraged new and improved waste management programs in IFC’s global offices. The multifaceted two-year campaign ended with a focus on reducing paper use and printing, as paper was the largest single contributor to the company’s global waste stream. IFC headquarters sent only 10 percent of its waste to the landfill in 2014, whereas they sent 65 percent in 2013. Over 30 international offices implemented new and innovative waste programs, like IFC Dushanbe partnering with a local chicken producer to use IFC’s recycled paper for egg cartons.

Honorable Mentions 

  • AT&T and DonorsChoose.org
  • CLEARLINK - Engaging Employees With Philanthropy
  • CVS Health and RF|Binder  - CVS Health Celebrates the Spirit of Volunteerism on Giving Tuesday
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co. - Living Through Giving
  • Time Warner Cable - Employee Green Team Playbook