CSR Awards 2015: Diversity Communications

Winner: Imprenta Communications Group, LLC — DIR: Wage Theft

The department of Industrial Relations retained Imprenta Communications Group to help generate awareness of the infringement of rights in the California workplace. The campaign sought to educate workers about they rights, reduce the perceived risk of filling a wage theft complaint, emphasize the benefits of exercising one’s rights and to make business aware of their responsibilities to comply with the law.

The campaign targets those who are most likely to be affected by wage theft such as women and foreign born workers. Imprenta created an entirely new microsite to support the campaign and direct constituents to an easy to navigate site. The sites provided education and resources on such relevant topics as what constitutes wage theft, workers’ rights and how to report wage theft. Imprenta garnered over 200 million impression from earned and paid media efforts, as well as establishing communications with 800 community based organizations throughout California, while securing solid and productive partnerships with 144 of these organizations.

Honorable Mentions 

  • HMA Associates Inc. - National Influenza Vaccination Disparities Partnership
  • MGM Resorts International  - Women's Leadership Conference