CSR Awards 2015: Annual Report

Winner: Medtronic Inc. — 2014 Integrated Performance Report 

In an effort to tell a holistic story of how Medtronic creates value in the context of its economic, social and environmental impacts with its annual report, the company included comprehensive fiscal year financial performance and business strategy information in context with information about how the company creates value in terms of human, social and natural capital. In the report, Medtronic provided content and metrics that detailed how the company’s policies, procedures and programs addressed these material issues.

The company conducted its first materiality assessment with a third-party consultancy to identify the its most material sustainability issue. The results of this research, which is outlined in the report, guided the focus of their sustainability strategy and performance improvement as the company moves forward. They used infographics to provide a visual synopsis of the fiscal year performance in areas that create value for society and reflect their commitment to working responsibly. Along with creating associated webpages that provided high-level context for the report content, Medtronic also promoted the report through internal and external communications including news release distribution and social media announcements.

Honorable Mentions 

  • iHeartMedia - Impact Report
  • International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. - Lasting - Change
  • Kimco Realty - Kimco Publishes Inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report