2014 Rising PR Stars: Erika White

Erika White, Director, Public Relations, Pandora (Internet Radio)

Before Erika White settled in at Pandora, she was a rising star in the communications department at Visa. She made the jump from Senior Associate to director in a well above average amount of time. After almost five years with Visa, and having worked alongside the head of corporate communications to develop the company’s first social media presence, she moved on to Pandora, where she works on a product she demonstrates a clear passion for.

In less than six months Erika surpassed all KPIs for Pandora related media stories and secured features in the likes of SF Chronicle Business Section and the Wall Street Journal CMO Journal. In her work for raising awareness for advertising products at Pandora, she is continually successful at walking the line between shedding light on the possibilities for advertisers, and not sounding too creepy — in that very familiar “we are watching everything you do and everywhere you go” way that is common with tech companies.