2014 Rising PR Stars: Kate Urbach

Kate Urbach, Global Account Executive/Marketing Associate, Havas PR North America

In the past year Kate has grown to be a Senior Account Executive managing the agency’s largest shared global client, the United Nations Foundation — which she does in her spare time, since global coordination is still her main responsibility. For the UN Foundation, she also puts her world-class collaborating skills to use as the team’s global coordinator with her teammates in Asia, Europe and South America.

She helped unite Havas PR agencies around the world in October of 2013. Kate was tasked with organizing a global workshop for all senior executives in the agency’s European offices. Each of them presented success stories, strategic processes and relevant updates from their local markets to connect global processes and procedures. She brings the same stellar organizational skills to her daily work  with the Global Collective. One minute she will be talking to Kuwait about a new business prospect, the next networking with Poland about leads from Germany, and in 10 minutes she’ll be texting with Manchester about a thought leadership report in the U.S. that will help them impress a local retailer. If any of these people walked into the New York Office and found out she has yet to celebrate her 23rd birthday, they would collapse in shock.