2014 Rising PR Stars: Kathleen Slocum

Kathleen Slocum, Associate Consultant - Public Relations, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Joining Liberty Mutual Insurance in 2012, Kathleen Slocum has risen to the forefront by evaluating and responding to comments and inquiries delivered by customers on social media. She was also responsible for the social media communications plans for Liberty Mutual’s Sochi Olympics and FIFA World Cup strategies.

Kathleen coordinated two media tours for Liberty Mutual sponsored athletes in New York City and Boston totaling 38 placements, over 65 million impressions and more than 660,000 dollars of ad value equivalency. She is also responsible for the overhaul of Liberty Mutual’s Online Newsroom. Previously the newsroom included text-only news releases, an inability to share said releases over social, and no place for multimedia content. After Kathleen’s recommendations the newsroom now has a high-quality user experience boosting a 6 percent increase in page views and an 11 percent increase in unique visitors in its first year.