2014 Rising PR Stars: Maureen McCarty

Maureen McCarty, Associate Director of Digital Media, Human Rights Campaign 

As Associate Director of Digital Media with the Human Rights Campaign, Maureen McCarty acts as the editor-in-chief of HRC’s award winning blog, manages several of its social media platforms, and coordinates its rapid response campaigns. In 2013 she was responsible for the groundbreaking “Red Equal Sign” campaign, which was named 2013’s “Symbol of the Year” by Stanford University’s Symbolic Systems Program.

After the Russian government passed what were effectively anti-gay laws — and the ensuing controversy with the Sochi Olympics — Maureen took the lead to amplify the engagement of HRC’s 1.5 million members in support of Russia’s LBGT community. The campaign mobilized over six-dozen key influencers ranging from pop-stars to professional athletes. As a result of their efforts the campaign generated over 353 million Twitter impressions, almost 400,000 Instagram likes, and an over all 316 million media impression through print, online and broadcast.