2014 Rising PR Stars: Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin, Executive Communication Lead, Jackson National

Overcoming the obstacles inherent in a highly regulated industry, Daniel Martin of Jackson National finds creative ways to position the Jackson brand in the media: utilizing unique surveys, writing articles for key placements, and making inroads through digital platforms. Daniel built and promoted Jackson’s Thought Leadership website from the ground up. A section of the Thought Leadership website, the Center for Financial Insight, went from zero to over 500,000 unique visitors in less than a year and a half.

On top of running and managing the inner workings of Jackson’s Center for Financial Insight, Daniel is also one of its top writers. He pens an award-winning financial services column in which he showcases his unparalleled ability to break down complex information into understandable bites of information. And is thus largely responsible for driving users to the site with engaging and informative content.