2014 Rising PR Stars: Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie Lewis, Senior Account Supervisor, Olson

Stephanie shines when it comes to client service, strategic thinking, and program management. While she was at MSLGROUP,  she managed Mazola’s relationship with celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann, improved perceptions of General Motors brands and products in the Chicago market and engaged food bloggers and influencers to support Buick’s promotional activities that blend food trend discovery with Buick’s portfolio.

In helping to position Mazola Corn Oil as a healthy cooking option, Stephanie implemented an influencer engagement strategy that included the brand’s first appearance at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, the premiere event for Registered Dietitians. Through her efforts more than 60 percent of dietitians in attendance said they were likely to recommend Mazola to their patients, and over 75 percent said they felt their patients would benefit from the materials, tools, and information they received. She was also responsible for a nationwide tour for Buick through five markets in the U.S. that generated 3.5 million impressions — 459 percent of the coverage goal for the campaign.

Stephanie recently joined agency Olson.