2014 Rising PR Stars: Colby Jones

Colby Jones, Account Director, Text100

Colby Jones is a true leader and sincere asset to Text100. After shooting through the ranks in a few short years she has gone on to support over 15 clients, manage teams of up to 12 people, and has become a driving force behind employee morale, and client growth.

She regularly contributes to high-profile new business opportunities in the technology and consumer space. Colby has been a key asset to the growth of a large tech client by 15 percent in the past year. She has also singlehandedly led the effort to overhaul Text100’s people management program in the New York City office. She developed and led a series of training and mentoring sessions for managers across the network to help improve and refine their PR skills. Her work has proven invaluable and her programs are being replicated and rolled out to all global offices.