2014 Rising PR Stars: Daniel Groce

Daniel Groce, Senior Communications Consultant, Allstate Insurance 

Though only 26-years-old, Daniel displays a marked maturity and commitment to his company and peers. He is a remarkable PR professional who is adept at communicating with many groups of stakeholders in order to advance the goals of Allstate Insurance. He has shown a clear ability to effectively communicate via internal newsletters to agents and employees while also excelling in media relations.

Seeing a need to improve Allstate’s internal communication process, Daniel took it upon himself to redesign the Southeast Connection, which is the primary vehicle that the company uses to communicate with the nearly 1000 agency owners in Allstate’s Southeast Region. By November 2013, the average open rate of the newsletter improved to 35 percent — and has since rose again to 40 percent — which is over twice the industry average. On top of that, 77 percent of agents indicated that they were satisfied with the communications they receive, a six-point improvement over the prior year, and an all-time high for the Southeast region.