2014 Rising PR Stars: Rita Gorenberg

Rita Gorenberg, PR Manager, The Clorox Company

Rita Gorenberg started her PR career at Ketchum, one of the world’s leading PR agencies, where she consistently delivered on-target results for leading Fortune 500 companies. Her time with Ketchum would prove to be the incubator through which she found her way to Clorox — one of her clients at Ketchum — and the position of PR and Social Media Manager. With Clorox, Rita delivers award-winning campaigns, reaches new audiences and consistently drives sales.

Rita is the driving force behind the Clorox Twitter handle, which continues to drive retweets, favorites and earned news coverage with its clever sense of humor about pop culture events with a Clorox twist. She inspired what would become to be called a newsjacking of the conversations around the Sochi Olympics, by posting a tongue in cheek response to the double toilets of Sochi — a fictional double headed toilet brush. Her effort garnered over one thousand retweets, more than one million impression and was named “newsjacker of the games” by Tipsy. Clorox’s social presence was so impactful that Clorox CEO Don Knauss even thanked her for saving the company millions on Olympics sponsorship fees.