2014 Rising PR Stars: Walter Fowler

Walter Fowler, Manager, Public Relations, Sprint

Walter has developed a firm grip on the pulse of business and media trends that has provided Sprint with the guidance necessary to position itself within these trends. He is a standout practitioner who is a creative and confident team player, as well as eager to dive in to new projects and assist teammates. Over time he has become an articulate and compelling spokesperson for Sprint with all types of media, including quickly stepping in at the last minute for on-camera interviews with outlets like Fox Business.

In April, Walker coordinated a successful PR campaign and satellite media tour for Sprint surrounding National Driving Awareness Month. Walter developed the concept, trained the executive spokesperson, coordinated interviews, provided messaging, and coordinated the communication amongst external agencies and the internal Sprint team. The campaign represents not only great results but also Walter’s ability to align Sprint’s corporate responsibility platform within the context of Sprint’s business offerings.