2014 Rising PR Stars: Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans, Vice President, Edelman

To her clients, Jessica is known as the ideal partner; thinking strategically, demonstrating a relentless work ethic and collaborating to drive business results. She has grown her role to oversee all consumer and technology business of Edelman’s Pacific Northwest Digital team. In this role she oversees a team of 26, while working with clients like Starbucks, Travel Portland, and Tree Top. She has also played an integral role in developing digital marketing strategy for Skype and Savers.

In her work Jessica follows one simple rule: dig deeper. This means pushing her clients and team to move outside their comfort zones and create more than they thought possible. Her passion for this approach has led to award winning campaigns, digital marketing innovations, and significant team growth. Jessica and her team were tasked with recreating Starbucks’ newsroom, taking it from a text-based, flat, web 1.0 experience, to an engaging, responsive mobile-friendly storytelling platform. As a result of her leadership and hard work, the newsroom saw a 17 percent increase in visits and a 28 percent increase in page views from the month prior to launch.