2014 Rising PR Stars: Jenna Beaucage

Jenna Beaucage, Senior Account Rep, Rainier Communications

At Rainer Communications all job candidates must deliver a 20-minute presentation about themselves during their interview. Jenna’s raw PR ability and go-out-and-get-it attitude shone through as she nailed her presentation, and in 2012 joined the agency as a Senior Account Representative. Since then she has continuously generated high level trade and business press coverage for a unique Google Glass campaign, and spearheaded an unprecedented Facebook campaign for a conservative software language firm.

AdaCore created a microsite to promote Ada 2012, which is the next generation of the world’s premier programming language for engineering safe, secure, and reliable software. Months later, the challenge lay in how to continue to drive traffic to the site over time. Jenna stepped in to provide strategic counsel for a grass roots campaign to encourage a dialog about Ada among users by sharing the depth of “geek love” that users have for the language. Her efforts yielded a seven percent increase in traffic to the website, and a new Facebook page generated 325 likes and a weekly total reach of over 70,000.