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2013 Digital PR Awards: Digital PR Team of the Year

Co-Winner: Cisco Systems – Cisco Systems Leads Innovation in Digital PR In an extraordinarily competitive category, Cisco Systems’ digital team is a tour de force of organized, systematic, digital innovation. The company’s core objective, creating … | MORE »

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8 Quotes to Scare You Away From Hellish Writing

8 quotes for writing pros to keep in mind as they sit down at their keyboards today. | MORE »

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How a Regional Footwear Company Leveraged a Feelgood Theme to Gain National Media Coverage

Sometimes the simplest communications techniques are overlooked because they’re so obvious. But sometimes they work really well. A small New England footwear company is riding a “Made in the USA” feelgood story to newfound prominence … | MORE »

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Firing of NSA Twitter User Underscores Need for Employee Social Media Policies

When National Security Council Director of Nonproliferation Jofi Joseph was fired last week by the White House for sending insulting tweets for more than two years under an anonymous personal account, it raised anew the … | MORE »

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Contrast in Crisis Management: How Two Railroad Companies Reacted to Disaster

The contrast between the two railway accidents offers an important juxtaposition in how to handle a crisis, and how not to. | MORE »

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Reality Check: Should PR Ever Get in a Public Dispute With a Reporter?

Does it ever advance your communications mission to get into a public dispute that attacks journalists? | MORE »

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Communications Pros Take Note: Internet Trolls Don’t Like Their Friends to Know That They’re Trolls

A new piece of research confirms a pattern that we always suspected was the case, based on anecdotal experience (and maybe our own behavior). That is that Facebook users (and by extension, all those who … | MORE »

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On the Power of Optimism in PR Communications

The power of a positive outlook works wonders in communications. | MORE »

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U.S. Brands Questioned in Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Traditional media and social media alike were churning this morning with reports and commentary on the collapse Wednesday of an eight-story garment factory building in Savar, a suburb of the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.And even … | MORE »

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Lessons for Communicators From Kmart’s Wildly Successful “Ship My Pants” Viral Video

Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” video may have offended some, but largely it built positive feelings and goodwill towards the brand. | MORE »

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