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A Plain Truth About the Media Ecosystem

There are so many sources of news media now and so many ways to get the news, it’s difficult to determine which outlets and journalists have the most influence. Also, social media has leveled the playing field, and traditional media brands don’t matter as much now. So you’ve been led to believe—or want to believe. […] | MORE »

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PR Agency Pros and the Cure for In-House Anxiety

In-house PR practitioners don’t have it easy, in general. Sometimes they have to deal with a lack of understanding and appreciation for the work they do. (Did I say sometimes?) Sometimes they get recognized internally only when something goes wrong that needs to get fixed, now. Sometimes they’re asked to wear so many hats and […] | MORE »

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Does Your Post Pass the Elevator Test?

We all have our pet peeves that we cherish and use to define ourselves to ourselves. One of mine is the way people behave when looking at their mobile phones while walking or standing in public. Specifically, people in elevators gazing at their phones. Perhaps this has happened to you: You’re waiting for an elevator, […] | MORE »

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All ‘Signs’ Point to Brand Awareness Success for McDonald’s

What is the goal of advertising and PR? To get noticed and drive profits, right? In the realm of getting noticed–otherwise referred to as brand awareness by non-civilians in communications—the McDonald’s “Signs” ad, which ran during the Golden Globes Awards and NFL playoff games this past weekend, is a resounding success. Whether or not it […] | MORE »

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No Apologies in PR Council Rebranding

At yesterday’s Communications Week “PRx” event in New York, Barri Rafferty, CEO of Ketchum North America, said that women need to stop saying “I’m sorry” if they want to become chief executives. The phrase “I’m sorry” is used too freely by women, according to Rafferty. It’s usually a thoughtless preamble to a statement or mere […] | MORE »

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Does ‘Building Relationships’ With Journalists Matter? Not If You Ask Journalists

I was moderating a PR News session in Boston on communicating with journalists, and I thought it was going rather well. We had two veteran PR pros and two veteran journalists (one a broadcast journalist, the other a newspaper reporter), and we had some disagreement. The PR pros talked about the value of building relationships […] | MORE »

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Path to the Corner Office for Women Is a Shared One

Walk into any gathering of communications professionals and the first thing you’ll notice is the large percentage of women—many of them brilliant, accomplished and primed for leadership in corporate America. Then consider sobering reality: Women hold 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 4.8% of Fortune 1000 CEO positions. Within PR itself, at the agency […] | MORE »

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3 Pretty Little Lies About Marketing Communications

There I was in the dentist’s chair with the TV on in front of me, with the 10 or 11 “Good Morning America” co-hosts—or was it 13 or 14?—yelling and laughing maniacally as one at some unfunny cross-promotional tidbit about what’s trending on Twitter. I only prayed the whine and scrape of the ultrasonic scaler […] | MORE »

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test tests | MORE »

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