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Measure or Die: Why Communications Executives Need to Become Fluent in Web Analytics

As the economy continues to encourage people to cut all expenses that don’t directly benefit sales, PR people are increasingly under attack. PR and public affairs executives will be the first to see their staffs, … | MORE »

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How to Separate Your Business and Personal Life on Facebook

If you’re a professional on Facebook, you’ve no doubt collected a mix of contacts that includes colleagues as well as personal friends. The more pervasive that social media becomes in public relations, the more likely … | MORE »

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Yes, Britney Spears Is Setting a Good Example: Three Must-Have Social Media Skills for 2009

The Internet is a twitter this month about a job posting for a social media manager for Britney Spears. While it’s certainly a newsworthy announcement for us social media types, it shouldn’t come as a … | MORE »

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Two Lessons On How to (Not) Use the Internet as a Usability Lab for Consumer Products

Lesson #1: Listen to your customer where they are talking about your products If you make a product or service for the consumer market—or even for the business consumer market—you’ve got an enormous usability lab … | MORE »

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