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PR Myth of the Month: Real-Time News Analysis Is Essential

PRIME Research CEO Mark Weiner discusses the implications of speed and accurateness in determining whether your organization needs "real-time" news analysis. | MORE »

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Setting Objectives: The Key to Proving the Value of Public Relations

Whether your organization is large or small, for profit or nonprofit, local or global, it has an objective. A clear, broad-based understanding of the organization’s objectives improves its chances for success. | MORE »

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11 Questions for PR Investment Decision Makers

Executives who invest in PR have become much more discriminating when evaluating marketing and communications performance. But, regardless of the current economy, proving the value of PR has endured over time as one of the … | MORE »

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Tip Sheet: Value, Expectations and ROI: Doing More With Less

PR professionals work diligently every day to deliver better results within the limitations of their budgets, but few seem to recognize that this is an ROI equation contributing directly to meaningful business results. Simple examples … | MORE »

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