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Domino’s YouTube Crisis Response: Interview with Tim McIntyre

Crisis communications for large global companies like Domino’s still requires a considered response—especially in today’s tweeting, blogging and Facebook-saturated PR environment. After a Web video showing Domino’s employees tainting food products went live on YouTube, … | MORE »

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Measuring the Real Value of Internet Media

Seems the paid media folks are having as much of a challenge getting their arms around measuring value in the social media and interactive environment as earned media people. Nielsen is calling for standards and … | MORE »

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Narrowcasting Your Audience and Understanding the ‘Real’ Stakeholders in the Modern Business World

John Volkmann, corporate vice president of brand and communication at AMD (once called Advanced Micro Devices), knows he has contrarians as customers. He was keynote speaker recently at The Conference Board’s Corporate Image and Branding … | MORE »

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