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Group Editor, PR News: Matthew Schwartz is group editor of PR News, the leading source of trends, how-to content and best practices for PR professionals. Matthew leads the editorial strategy for PR News’ premium content products—including its weekly newsletter—and for its digital presence. Matthew was editor of PR News from 2003-2005. Prior to returning to PR News, Matthew was a reporter for Crain’s BtoB and Media Business magazines, where he covered business marketers and media companies. He was also editor of BMA Buzz, a biweekly email newsletter covering B2B marketing, advertising and social media, and contributing writer to Advertising Age Custom. Matthew has helped to launch blogs on behalf of ZoomInfo and direct marketing agency The Kern Organization. He also spent a few years in cable-news precincts, working as a writer/producer at CNN and Fox News Channel.

2014 Platinum PR Awards: PR Firm of the Year Small (Billings Below $10M)

Winner: Henson Consulting – Rises to Top Chicago Boutique Agency Henson Consulting gives as good as it gets. Last year, the Chicago-based PR agency developed a video—tongue-firmly-tucked-in-cheek—for local favorite Giordano’s Pizza. The video, which was … | MORE »

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2014 Platinum PR Awards: Online Press Room/Media Center

Winner: Kaiser Permanente – In 2013, the PR team at Kaiser Permanente realized that hypercompetition in the healthcare field, along with the unknown impact of the Affordable Care Act, would make it harder for … | MORE »

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#WhyIStayed Twitter Campaign Backfires on DiGiorno’s Pizza

The Ray Rice story has been sucking up a lot of the media oxygen the last few days. That’s what makes DiGiorno’s Pizza latest Twitter campaign such a head- scratcher.
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Amid Product Launch Day, Apple Needs to Change the Narrative

As Apple prepares to roll out some new products the computer giant needs to try and alter the media narrative now taking shape that the company may be losing its mojo. | MORE »

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4 Ways to Know It’s Time to Quit Your PR Job

Some PR executives move to the competition for a better price and more responsibility, while other communicators want to move from the client side to the agency side, or vice versa. And then there are those cases where the job is just not the right fit and you have to move on. | MORE »

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NYPD Sends its Top Brass to Twitter School

For brands and organizations of all stripes it could be the next frontier for continuing education: Twitter school. The NYPD is signing up, sending its top commanders to take a course on the microblogging service following two Twitter fails. | MORE »

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5 PR Tips for Nurturing Your Written Communications

More media channels means more opportunity to reach new audiences and spread your message. It also means more opportunity to mangle the message and, in the rush to beat the competition, water down what you were trying to say in the first place. | MORE »

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3 Ways to Mitigate a Crisis

Smart PR managers know that it’s not a matter of if their company will incur a crisis, but when. They don’t call them crisis for nothing, of course. That’s why they’re so bloody difficult to prepare for.
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PR Pros Must Change Tactics as Buy-It-Now Buttons Proliferate

As if PR managers didn’t need another excuse for working more closely with their sales and marketing counterparts, here’s a pretty good one. Twitter will reportedly roll out a “buy” button later this year, making it easier for consumers to buy things directly from the microblogging network. | MORE »

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3 PR Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Nearly four weeks into the phenomenon, the Ice Bucket Challenge shows no signs of letting up. The idea of dumping cold water on one’s head to raise money for charity may be a watershed for both brands and nonprofits alike when it comes to how to raise money for charitable causes and get the word […] | MORE »

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