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Group Editor, PR News: Matthew Schwartz is group editor of PR News, the leading source of trends, how-to content and best practices for PR professionals. Matthew leads the editorial strategy for PR News’ premium content products—including its weekly newsletter—and for its digital presence. Matthew was editor of PR News from 2003-2005. Prior to returning to PR News, Matthew was a reporter for Crain’s BtoB and Media Business magazines, where he covered business marketers and media companies. He was also editor of BMA Buzz, a biweekly email newsletter covering B2B marketing, advertising and social media, and contributing writer to Advertising Age Custom. Matthew has helped to launch blogs on behalf of ZoomInfo and direct marketing agency The Kern Organization. He also spent a few years in cable-news precincts, working as a writer/producer at CNN and Fox News Channel.

6 Things Clients Can Get From Their PR Agencies—Beyond Media Pitching

Agencies still provide media training and crisis management, of course, but they also offer strategic counsel, execute and measure campaigns and protect brand reputation. | MORE »

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Blue Bell Creameries Tries to Get in Front of a Crisis

When an organization is hit with a crisis, the response will often determine how long the crisis will last, in terms of negative media coverage, as well as any long-term erosion in brand reputation or lead revenue. That’s why PR execs need to keep a close eye on how the crisis now engulfing Blue Bell […] | MORE »

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What Facebook’s Latest News Feed Changes Mean for PR Pros

For brands and organizations, the change means that they’re most likely going to have to redouble their efforts to produce more user-generated content. | MORE »

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Ben Affleck Learns the PR Dangers of Censorship

Ben Affleck, who directed the political thriller Argo, should know better: you foster what you try to hide. Affleck now is learning that the hard way.  | MORE »

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What PR Pros Can Learn from Google’s Internal Response to EU Charges

Google has prepared a response to antitrust charges from the EU, and it may hold some key lessons for communicators who want to keep employees in the loop while grappling with difficult cases. | MORE »

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5 PR Tips for Taking on a Client Post-Crisis

Porter Novelli, brought in to contain the damage in Indiana after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act controversy, has its work cut out.  | MORE »

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4 Tips for Brand Blogging

These days there are few PR and marketing campaigns that don’t include blogs one way or another, whether it’s pitching influential bloggers who cover your market, producing blogs in-house to get the message out, or both. | MORE »

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Spring Cleaning PR Checklist

It’s as good a time as any for PR managers and directors to assess their work, reevaluate those campaigns that worked (or failed) and recalibrate how they use media channels to get their message out and measure the results. | MORE »

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Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel Campaign Takes On Victoria’s Secret

Lane Bryant’s campaign provide a few takeaways for communicators, foremost among them the importance of creating a unique, albeit accessible hashtag. | MORE »

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5 Tips for Communicating Complex Subjects

For communicators, particularly on the B2B side, it’s a constant challenge to make sure that when they or their boss is presenting new information and/or ideas to the public the message is clear and unequivocal.  | MORE »

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